When are you open?

We’re open every Friday and Saturday night from September 27th thru November 2nd from 7 PM until Midnight. Some nights we sell out. Get tickets online now.

Are there age restrictions for Slayhouse?

Yes, only guests 10 and up are permitted. Due to the nature of Slayhouse, it’s recommended for adults and teens. Slayhouse is not recommended for small children and/or infants. Those 10 and up may come if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. There are no reduced prices for those under 18 and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunted event. There are multiple exits in our Slayhouse for those too scared to continue.



How long is the line?

Fridays typically have shorter lines than Saturday nights. The last two weekends of October are the busiest of all. We do offer a Line Jump ticket that allows you to skip the line and enjoy the attraction. They are available in limited numbers so get your Line Jump tickets early.


Does St. Albans offer group discounts or rates?



Does St. Albans accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.


Are tickets on sale in advance?

Yes, they are and we recommend buying tickets in advance because we often sell out. Line Jump tickets in particular are available in limited quantities so get yours today.


Are the creatures, monsters, and occupants of the Slayhouse allowed to touch you?

Our Slayhouse residents will not touch you. But they will get close and you may bump into them or their sets on occasion.


Do you still offer a No Scare option?

Yes, we do. If you arrive and think that the Slayhouse is too intense for you, you can opt for the No Scare version. For the No Scares, one of our staff will escort you through the attraction with a flashlight. Our Slayhouse residents aren’t allowed to scare you using the No Scare option.


Is the Slayhouse wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, we’re not.


Is there smoke and strobing lights in the Slayhouse?

There is fog and strobing lights in our Slayhouse. If either the lights or smoke is too intense, there are multiple exits throughout our attraction to exit.


If I’m pregnant can I go through the Slayhouse?

We don’t permit anyone who is pregnant to go through the attraction.


Is the Slayhouse open if it rains?

We’re open even if it rains.


Does your haunted event have security?

St. Albans Sanatorium employs a fully-trained security staff to keep everyone safe.


Can you get thrown out of the Slayhouse?

Yes. Foul language, pushing, crude behavior, weapons of any sort, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. We also ask that you not touch our sets or our actors. Any violation of any Slayhouse rules will result in security asking you to leave without a refund.


Is alcohol served at your haunted event?

No. But we do have vendors selling food, popcorns, non-alcoholic beverages and more. Guests arriving in an intoxicated state, or under the influence of any substance, will not be allowed in the Slayhouse.


Can you take flash photos or videos in the Slayhouse?

Photography of any sort is not allowed in our Slayhouse. Video recording is also not allowed. Either violation can result in you being asked to leave with no refund. This is not only to protect our Slayhouse secrets, but there are many dark areas in our Slayhouse and the residents’ eyes are sensitive to bright light. Flash photography could ruin their experience and that of other guests. If any of our residents are outside, they are usually happy to take a selfie with you.


What isn’t allowed in the attraction?

We don’t permit weapons, pets, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, food items, illegal drugs, cameras, flashlights, lighters, or laser pointers.


How much does parking cost?

Parking is free! Parking space is limited on site. We recommend our free shuttle parking. Shuttle pick up and drop off is at 7327 Peppers Ferry Blvd, Radford, VA 24141.


If you have any questions beyond these, please feel free to call 540-260-3111 or email us. Thank you!