Guest Investigations

Soul Searchers Paranormal Investigations presents Step into the Darkness, Friday, April 13th, 2018 Saint Alban’s sanatorium.

6 to 11:30 PM Public paranormal investigation/ghost hunt
$25 each

+ Midnight to 4:00 AM All Nighter – continue your investigation
$75 each (covers everything from 6:00 PM until 4 AM)

Spend the night with Soul Searchers Paranormal Investigations.

Limited tickets are available.

Chuck Griffin of Soul Searchers Paranormal: “I’ve seen and heard things in this building that are unbelievable. This building is not for the weak-hearted. If you’ve ever wondered if ghosts are real, here’s your chance. See you there — if you dare!”

Recommendations: The building is very cold this time of year. Dress in layers and please wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking and many stairs in our building. Please bring a flashlight. You are also welcome to bring equipment with you to investigate — recorders, cameras, K2 meters, dowsing rods, etc.

Tickets can be purchased on our site via Paypal*, by phone (540) 260-3111, or in person at registration. Since tickets are limited, get them today before they are gone.

*If you use Paypal to purchase tickets for our events, please bring a photo id to the event so we can verify you as the purchaser.



There is St Albans, and then there’s everywhere else. We take immense pride in having our conference in this unique historic and paranormal location.

No one ever complained about attending an event at the best location.What could be better than an investigation with like-minded people in a well documented paranormal location? The investigation starts at 8pm and will be held in one of most active paranormal sites on the East Coast St Albans with the conference speakers! Be sure to bring your camera and recorder!

No one ever complained that we had too great of an experience.

Get tickets now!