The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium

Hidden behind the cover of “The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium” are true tales of ghostly and ghastly encounters with the Denizens of the dusty hallways of the old asylum. The sanatorium was a repository for the delirious, the delusional, and the demented. Before that it was a boys school during a time when hazing was an accepted part of academic life. During these incarnations St. Albans held its long suffering boarders captive within her cold embrace. Held in a grip so tight, that it may have transcended the siren call of death. Full page photographs by the author freeze the asylum in time. In a time when seasoned paranormal investigators came to St. Albans Sanatorium hoping to engage with its resident spirits. Some investigators made a connection with the spectral presences that roam freely there. These are their stories.




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Note from the author: It is here! … I encourage you to purchase it through St. Albans. I am donating all proceeds for the books that are purchased through the sanatorium, which will be used for renovations. This book also includes architectural drawings with the top 15 paranormal hotspots clearly marked on them. For paranormal investigators, this is like getting a treasure map. I hope that if you visit St. Albans Sanatorium, that you will purchase a book. So many of these beautiful and haunted locations are disappearing. The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium will help ensure that the faded asylum is never forgotten. In the words of Marcelle Hanauer, director of operations for St. Albans, “Haunted buildings never die as long as their stories are preserved and remembered.”